Welcome to the webpage of Alvydas, a professional musician who has years of experience in this field. Whether it is weddings, anniversary, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, maybe you simply need live music in a restaurant or a café or you wish to introduce traditional Lithuanian music to your foreign friends – contact us. Let’s communicate! Together we will find the right solution for your event. Our aim is to fulfil your expectations and to create kind atmosphere where everyone can feel free and comfortable.

Our way of work. Firstly we listen to your wishes, discuss an issue then we consult and finally give you the best solution where everything is coordinated with you.


The style of music depends on the idea of the event, your wishes, place, type of guests and many other circumstances. Something that is good for one not always is acceptable by the other. That’s why we try to find out all the details about the event in advance. During the event we try to feel the public and give them what they want. Usually at the beginning of the evening we play instrumental and easy-listening music which grows into various styles dance music (jazz melodies, twist, rock’n’roll, boogie etc.).

In addition to that, we perform well known Lithuanian pop hits, where everyone joins to sing gladly. We also sing in english, russian, less polish languages. Various events also weddings can be performed with your or our scenario including games, toasts, speeches which are of course coordinated with you.

Composition of the band
Usually there is one, two or three, not so often four or more musicians in our band. The modification of the band depends on your wishes, finance allowance and type of the event. We also are in contact with well known Lithuanian singers who can be asked to perform their songs in your event. In fact, you are the one who decides to choose a composition of musicians. Whether it will be a keyboard and guitar player, if there’s gonna be a vocalist or maybe you would like to hear accordion, violin and lithuanian folk instrument called birbyne playing? It is up to you.

Keyboard, guitar, drums, saxophone, accordion, violin, birbyne.

Musician Alvydas
email: apralgauskas@hotmail.com
phone: +370 686 48039

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